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Jane Omorogbe

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Possessing 9 'O' Levels and 3 'A' Levels; being a former Miss UK Finalist and becoming a Gladiator, can only signify Janie is an extra-ordinary young woman; intelligent, exquisite and intrepid.

Janie was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and lived there until she was five. Her family then moved to Hastings where she stayed until 1996. From leaving school with an armful of qualifications, Janie joined the Ambulance Service and modelled for Gedded-Muir Designs until a colleague suggested this 6ft 2ins beauty enter the Miss UK competition. She soon became Miss Wessex and was a finalist in Miss UK 1995. She was then spotted in The Sun by Gladiators referee, John Anderson, and was asked to audition for the show.

Discovering that she wasn't quite fit enough for the role of a Gladiator didn't daunt Janie, instead she quit her ambulance job and left Hastings to train with a Taekwando Expert, Tony Slaney in Peterborough, in order to pass the rigorous fitness test required by LWT. After a gruelling five months of training dedication paid off, Janie passed the tests with flying colours to become Gladiator Rio. She stayed with the series for four years.

Janie's next project was to spend two months filming for the film 'Gladiator'. If you've seen the film you'll remember her part (she was the female gladiator who was unfortunate enough to be sliced in half!) She was thrilled to have met and worked with the legendary Oliver Reed before he died. As a result of her ambulance driving background Granada TV invited Janie to host her own car show, called 'Car Crazy Rio'. More recently Janie's boyfriend introduced her to the joys of motorbike riding. She has passed her Rospa Advanced Course with a gold rating. As a result Granada have extended Janie's duties to hosting motorbike features on their 'Two Wheels' show. Not to be left behind, the BBC have also used Janie on 'Top Gear' and 'Bike It'. Janie has recently taken over from Suzi Perry as the face of motorbiking on Sky TV. Janie's Sky career prompted ITV to offer her the motorbike slot on their Friday night show 'Powered Up'. Janie is fast becoming the UK's premiere female motorbike icon! Also watch out for Janie's next presenting role, on a new ITV lifestyle programme called ' House Race' where competing couples race to build and complete a brand new house.

More recently Janie now has her own column as the Sun's motorbike expert. She is also presenting ITV's primetime show, 'Superbikes'.


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